Colors of Happiness…

Your life will be colorful if you just add colors to your life!!  It is your own decisions that will determine to have a miserable or a marvellous life! – Mehmet Murat ildan (Novelist and Thinker)

So if I have to choose those colors to make my life colorful, what would be that makes me paint? This entire world has so many colors, the colors of the rainbow. We also have the colors in wonderful garden, in bangle shop, the colors of duppattas and so on…

Each nation and city brings and adds in those different colors …So who are the artists here? Tribes, artisans, craftsmen, races, religions, languages, traditions and the different cultures…

Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak.Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up.

Look around and observe those colors, those wonderful shades and hues of God’s creations. There are so many different colors and people that make life so exciting and interesting. The wide range of colors reflects our inner self, our ideologies and bring out our perception and choices. So for me to be happy in life, I choose and embrace those colors, and that is Rangtara to me!!

People who know me, would have noticed this about me; I love bright colors. Years ago, in one of the companies where I worked, a colleague from another team who was looking for me described me as “the woman with the bright colors”. Believe me, that person did found me out in my floor!!

May it be the color of the salwar kameez I wear, lipstick shades that I use, workout tee for my zumba class or traditional Kanchipuram sari that I love to adorn, I choose the brightest of colors and always feel proud flaunting it..

Imagine what happens when I get these boxes of colors – red, green, orange, pink, blue & yellow?  It brings the ultimate happiness, joy, soul satisfaction, glorifying my inner beauty and bringing the best out of me…


Box of Colors
The Colors…

Orange signifies the simulating, creative, vibrant and the flamboyant me. Yellow stands for my optimism, happiness, loyalty and positivity… And I can’t be without these two colors ever!!! Red symbolizes my passion, love, rage, sensitivity, vigor and enthusiasm.

Pink brings out the sweet, playful, romantic, inner peace and tenderness in me…Green is one of the important colors of my life..It helps in the growth, harmony, freshness and takes so close to the nature. Therefore I always make it a point to have these bright colors in whatever clothing that I adorn..


Bandhani Colors
Untamed Bandhani Skirt

My love for Bandhani  attributes due to the fact that they have the best colors and combinations possible, being a tie and dye process and dying done by hand.  In Bandhani, different colors convey different meanings, especially people believe that wearing reds and maroons bring good luck to a newly wed’s life…

The Untamed Bandhini skirts are a true reflection of the untamed, crazy, restless, wild and happy me, because they add those “Rang” in my life, makes me uninhibited, stand apart in the crowd and still blend with the perfect festive mood of the season!!!

Product Information – Bandhani Colors:-

Bandhani is a tie-dye textile and it is decorated by plucking the cloth with the fingernails into many tiny bindings that form a figurative design.

The term “Bandhani” is derived from the Sanskrit verbal root Bandh (“to bind, to tie”).

Did you know that today most Bandhani making centers are situated in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab region ? In  Tamil Nadu this is known as “Sungudi” and very famous for saris and salwar kameez…


Gota Danglers Colors
Gota Danglers
Gota Bangles Colors
Gota Bangles

Look at these Gota bangles and danglers ,something which bring in those yellow, orange , pink and green in my life. Wow , love the way they fill up my entire soul and gives me that complete sense of happiness and liberation. The joy of teaming it up with a Spaghetti top, Kerala mundu sari or Jeans & Tee , have made me go crazy about this!!! This off beat jewellery, that are combined with flowers, pom poms, pearls and mirror work is adorable, as most importantly I am able to carry off those beauties so stylish, when I am out for Garbhas or Dandiya nights…

Product Information – Colors of Gota Jewellery:-

Gota Jewellery traditionally made in Pakistan, this cross-border import, is the best thing that has happened to India. They are  made out of those gold and silver colored things which are called Gota. This is a kind of metallic looking ribbon and lace typically found in shades of golden, silver and copper.

People therefore, use their creativity to add pearls, flowers and wire to create some exquisite pieces from them. Besides that this jewellery also gets all the beautiful brides to make full set of jhoomers, necklaces, bangles, cocktail rings and so much more.

I am a born with a purpose and a lover of true life. I am untamed , crazy, wild, passionate and here to live and celebrate the colors of happiness!!

Brand Collaboration – Rangtara

Written and Photo Story – Lakshmi Francis


“Untamed” Bandhani Slit Long Skirt
Sizes Available – Small to 8XL
Price – Rs.1250/-

Gota Bangles Set
Price – Rs. 300/- to Rs.350/-

Gota Danglers
Price – Rs.350/- for a pair

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