This festival let’s take first step towards going natural/organic. Rangtara brings natural aromatic hampers for you and your loved ones 🌸

Contents of the hamper:

🔅The Amuse  (our premium soap bar with goodness of lavender buds ) – . Best for stress relief. Replenish yourself with fresh aroma all  day.

🔅The Soother (our luxury soap bar with Oats and Shea butter) –   Excellent skin soothener that also prevents aging.

🔅 Caffeine Delight –

(organic coffee face/body polish). Great for skin exfoliation, brightening complexion and glow.

🔅Choc-o-lust (chocolate face mask) – . Tightens skin detoxifier, nourish and hydrates for fresh/ softer looking skin .

🔆 Products are  completely  UNISEX (we made sure that our products cater to men and women both for naturally healthy skin .

Nourish yourselves and your family members all things  natural this Festive Season ✨🎉

Rs 649 549