In my Denim – I Conquer the World

In my Denim – I Conquer the World

“In the right denim, a girl can conquer the world” .. I am liberated; I am  conquering  the world;

Well, when I am in my denim, I am totally me… It could be a denim skirt , dress , jeans or shorts , but I feel free, happy , liberated , independent and on top of the world..

I can’t believe that this year has almost come to an end already! This year went by so fast, but in this last month of the year; I am so excited to write this most awaited post which gives me so much of happiness!

Here I am today with the most beautiful, practical, relaxed and the trendy piece of clothes that I can be in, where I feel I can express myself the most…


“Denim is a love that never fades” – Elio Fiorucci ( Italian Fashion Designer and founder of Fiorucci Fashion Label)

Denim is at the heart of everything I do and want to wear . I am totally in awe of  denim’s toughness, its rugged attitude. Oh! I love the way it stretches and also fades and records adventures in its indigo-dyed yarns.

I completely take pride in providing kids with the best denim around, from babies through to teenagers.

When denim is combined with bright colors , that is always my go-to style, especially with those punchy graphics paired with great fits , authentic washes and trend-setting details.

I have become a big fan of colored denim, off-late and love dresses or skirts, when paired- with a vintage looking denim jacket!

When talking about my love for denim ,  I definitely have to tell that I will  love Jeans , till the end of  time.. Happiness is love and blue jeans!

Denim Fall Collection

I loved wearing that awesome Denim Fall Collection from Rangtara, towards the end of the year and I’ve chosen some of the most beautiful outfits again. The new set of dresses that I have worn,  are  so adorable and the feeling of that denim around me is fantastic. I feel it completely reflects my inner personality a lot more.

What I liked most was the street style look , wild and free, trying and experimenting with different trends and styles , not going with stereotypical  fashion trends behind!!! All good things are indeed , wild and free..

It is said that, when in doubt, wear denim… Such a true statement!

The beauty of these denim clothes are, I need not be that woman, with that perfect curve, that perfect body to adorn it… Most of all, I need not be that size zero which I don’t think I ever want to be. That’s why I had started this blog , saying that during this winter,  I am in that denim outfits, which is the most practical piece of clothes, that I have found in the recent times!

Printed denim dress with green polti buttons

It was one of the coolest dresses of this collection. The fabric is pure denim and I could feel the softness of the material. When I wore this outfit, it gave me a smart , trendy and classy look .  The mix and match of the plain denim on the right side  and printed denim on the left side ,  made me completely fall in love with the design.  The highlight of this dress ,  was the  pocket on one side and the unevenness in the dress which really brings in and gets me the perfect balance…And with that Oakley glasses on , I felt it was so well designed for the winter afternoons!!


In my Denims - I Conquer the World
Printed denim dress with green polti buttons

 Semi-formal printed denim dress with floral prints

Another beautiful dress which I loved, for that big floral prints and intricate detailing that are unmatched with any other pattern.Bright flowers on this tough denim is what makes this dress unique ,which gave such a soft and comfortable feeling. That indeed made me so happy and gave a high in the dull winter mornings! The best part of this floral dress is that, it is a perfect wear for any time of the year and day, and you can transform your floral dress from a daytime look to night-time chic by teaming it up with a denim jacket and heeled boots.

In my Denims - I Conquer the World
Semi-formal printed denim dress with floral prints

In my Denims - I Conquer the World


Collared Black soft denim dress

That feeling you get when you slip on the perfect dress? I am a person who would say if your dress does not have a collar; put on one…This smart collared denim dress from Rangtara was simplicity in all its glory. This street style, simple look gave me a unique charm and added so much more to my personality. Denim in black is indeed gorgeous and this is an outfit for all the seasons . You could pair this dress, with a long jacket for the winter nights too!!


In my Denims - I Conquer the World
Collared Black Soft Denim Dress

In my Denims - I Conquer the World

Leopard printed Denim Skirt

Take a walk on your wild side with this leopard printed denim skirt. It’s got the ’90s all over it. And this dress was perfect to wear with my chunky boots to add some edge. I love any outfit , no matter what , if I can team it up with boots. I believe in embracing  bold and beautiful prints this season and this figure hugging fit and all-over leopard print pattern, was a stunner from this Fall Collection !

Channeling my inner bohemian in this printed skirt with a casual red top , my favourite pair of black boots and the Boho hair extensions, brought in the reflection of  uniqueness, my inner self, which started jumping with creative expressions and love.


In my Denims - I Conquer the World
Leopard printed Denim Skirt

In my Denims - I Conquer the World

Styling Tips for Winter :

To look chic and feel warm in stylish winter apparel, find out that ruffled, embroidered, studded or ripped denim dresses and skirts, which just brings out the best of your beauty.

Just because it’s freezing cold outside doesn’t mean you have to hide all your dresses away ,until the temperature goes up a little bit. Dresses can be worn even in the middle of the winter; in fact you SHOULD wear your dresses in the winter. They have all that, which can make you look really adorable and stylish! In order to make dresses appropriate for winter, you just need to pair up your denim maybe with leggings, tights, boots, thick socks, cardigans, and scarves.

A long sweater , good boots , stretchy denim – dresses or skirts  are fall fashion must-haves!

In my Denim – I Conquer the World!

Please check the latest Denim Fall Collection from Rangtara – Designed by Kiran and Styled by Tara Sharma

Product Details:-

Printed denim dress with green polti buttons  –  Price Rs. 2100 + shipping charges
Semi-formal printed denim dress with floral prints – Price Rs. 2750 + shipping charges
Collared Black soft denim dress – Price Rs. 2200 + shipping charges
Leopard Printed Denim Skirt – Rs.1500 + shipping charges

Size Available – S to 5 XL

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The perfect location which added the complete Bohemian and street style look for this Denim Fall Collection on a chilled morning ! The ambience , their sandwiches and hot coffee brought in the perfect mood for the photo shoot…

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