Terracotta gets Cool

“I’m returning Love and Respect to Mother Earth, may it sustain her as she sustains us.” – Pledge Nº1042 – Netherlands – Forestnation.com


This is what Tara Sharma, strongly believes in and does every day in the Rangtara family, ever since its inception , 2 years back. May it be the premium handmade soaps, chunk Terracotta jewellery, the classy skirts or colorful home decors, she is grounded by this motto that she firmly believes in.She always goes by this nature philosophy and ensures that this reflects in every single product, that are built under “Rangtara”…

Taking this eternal love for mother earth to the next level this Navratri, Tara has made Terracotta Jewellery ‘cool’ and has given a new definition of styling.Sourcing the jewellery from a family of traditional potters from Kolkata, she has given Terracotta a chic look by doing hand painting of Maa Durga’s face on the pendants of the neck pieces and earrings. According to her, this family of potters have been into the art of idol making for ages.

However, due to their disability, they cannot make big idols like other idol makers. Hence they draw and paint the face of Ma Durga on pendants and necklace attached on colored thread and earrings made of Terracotta.

Tara’s words on this trending jewellery…

“We give art a stylish spin when selling and create a marriage between fashion and art so that all age groups can wear them. The colors – bright green, red, yellow, blue, and purple – that we are using are in sync with the festive season.

We wanted our collection to capture the festive vibes and hence the theme of Maa Durga. It’s not just about the goddess and her beautiful eyes, but also about women power.

Young girls like to flaunt them with spaghetti tops and rugged denims or skirts. Women in older age groups like to sport them with saris and they look very elegant.It is refreshing to see how the younger generation now is so drawn to the terracotta jewellery..Otherwise women above the age of 35 usually sported them.”

It was very interesting to see girls in the age bracket of 19 to 20 and ladies around 50 to 55 finding this jewellery very interesting, during this festive season.


Terracotta jewellery  available for Rs.599/- per set

Terracotta Jewellery

This kind of Indian jewellery is one of the oldest and most beautiful forms of jewellery in the world. The uniquely designed and handcrafted organic terracotta jewellery is made from clay (baked earth) and inspired by nature – leaves, flowers, traditional motifs and elaborate patterns.

Rangtara offers variety of ornaments like earrings, ear studs, neck pieces, pendants, bangles (also clay) and bracelets. They are hand painted to give an additional appeal to match your clothing; both formal and casual.

A gift from ancient India, terracotta jewellery offers aesthetic and functional alternatives to artificial jewellery. Being totally eco-friendly, this jewellery contributes to preserving nature too!

The beauty of this jewellery lies in the way the neck piece and earrings are available in multiple colors, which blends very well with the festive season and gives such positive vibes..

Terracotta gets Cool

This trending of Rangtara’s Terracotta jewellery – “The Earthen Desire” in Face book and Instagram caught the attention of the media in Pune.

Goddess Durga blessed the Rangtara Parivaar during Durga Puja, by getting featured in one of the top newspapers in Pune – Sakal Times for going ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’ with Terracotta Jewellery… This indeed was a great blessing for Rangtara, as it clearly indicates how unique, classy the products are and how these jewellery stand apart in the crowd …Isn’t it the coolest it can get?



“We are made from Mother Earth and we go back to Mother Earth”. Tara is a true believer of this and enforces this everyday through her magical touch on the products. So it’s high time we start doing our bit for Mother earth by adorning the earthen ware jewellery made from our mitti..

So friends, is it a Yay or Nay? Well, for me it is definitely a super Yay !!! I can see some amazing collection of Terracotta stuff coming up for Diwali, matching my ethnic wear …I have already booked my set of jewellery…

You can see the wide range of terracotta collection , which carries out throughout the year at Rangtara house by clicking this link https://www.rangtara.com/jewellery/


Brand Collaboration – Rangtara
Written by – Lakshmi Francis
Photo Courtesy – Eeshant Singh
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  • Such a beautifully described writeup Lakshmi. As beautiful as the terracotta colourful jewellery… keep going gals..

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